9 Everyday Things We Keep Doing Wrong

Life is full of challenges, but it’s never too late to start making your everyday existence a little bit less stressful.
To help you, Bright Side has compiled a list of tricks that’ll make your household chores a lot easier and your pastimes more rewarding. Amazingly, the majority of people on the planet have no idea of these simple and elegant solutions!

                                                                Roll up a bag of chips

Here is a clever trick to make eating chips less awkward and messy: open the bag, and start folding it from the bottom upward as you eat, pushing the chips toward the top of the bag. This way, you won’t have to dig deep inside, thus ensuring your fingers remain clean. Moreover, folding a chips bag like this creates a makeshift bowl that can be easily placed on the table.

                                Hold a wineglass by the stem

You should always hold your wineglass by the stem. Clutching it by the bulb makes the wine warm up quickly.

                                                        Slicing bread without crumbs

To avoid excessive crumbs while slicing bread, follow this simple rule: place the loaf on the cutting board with the rounded side facing down.

                                 Warm food in the drawer under the oven