Jaw-Dropping Houses That Defy Belief

While most of us probably live in fairly normal living spaces, there are some houses in this world that are absolutely awe-inspiring in their design and structure. Here are Bright Side’s favorites, from the beautiful to the terrifying!

1. Seashell House

Located in Mexico, this amazing house comes complete with a beautiful mosaic wall which lights up the inside with rainbow colors.

2. Bubble House

Originally owned by fashion designer Pierre Cardin, this bubble house has three swimming pools, a 500-seat amphitheatre, and a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean.

3. Skateboard House

Unsurprisingly owned by a former world champion skater, every surface both inside and outside of this house can be skated on…and so can the furniture!

4. Converted Church House

Located in the Netherlands, this house was converted from a Catholic church built in 1870 to a beautiful loft space.

5. Flintstone House

Designed to look exactly like the house in The Flintstones, this house — originally owned by Dick Clark — has one bedroom and two bathrooms, and absolutely everything looks like it’s made of stone.